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Fast food diplomacy: Mao-themed Chick Fil A franchise seals the deal

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'They have great beaches!' Trump included image of MIAMI when he showed Kim video about North Korea's future – as he said dictator could develop condos or hotels if he keeps nuke promises and sanctions come off

Donald Trump included a Hollywood-produced video in his presentation to Kim Jong-un during nuclear talks in Singapore

The four-minute film showed Kim as a leader at a crossroads and urged him to choose a more economically and technologically open future

Part of the footage included a wide shot of a beach and an image of speedboats

Trump said he saw the video and thought North Korea has 'great beaches' and is situated perfectly between the economic powers of China and South Korea

The main image, showing a pair of condominium spires, was shot in Miami

He said he encouraged Kim to consider a future that included condo and hotel developments in his country


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Trump is giving Kim a Remodeling make over. I thought Libs ate this shit up?
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It's actually a pretty good idea.

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