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Michael Cohen “I’d take a bullet for Trump”.

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“The cheaper the crook, the gaudier the patter”. Humphrey Bogart, The Maltese Falcon.
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Everyone thinks first of all there's something there for him to flip on. We all know this is Mueller prosecuting a Ham Sandwich.
But for the sake of the argument here, let's say there was something there. His only hope would be to ride out Mueller at least until after the primaries he will have a better handle on the way this thing is going to go. When Trump gets some honest backing behind. He will close down the DOJ, CIA, NSA and that whole corrupt organization and rebuild them from the ground up. America has been complaining there were to many Alphabet Agencies for 30 years or better. Bush added more on with DHS.
The point is, if the Midterm goes the way it should. Trump will be in a position to pardon and exonerate him when an reasonable Congress and his SCOTUS picks agrees that everyone Mueller investigated was a political hit job and had nothing to do with the pursuit of Justice it was a farce from the start.
Cohen's exonerated future lies in loyalty to Trump not rolling on him to give Mueller some political win.

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