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Muslim-B-Gone device sells like hotcakes. Also works on SJW liberals, Wall Street bankers, and religious proselytizers

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'A great item to have': flamethrowers sell like hot cakes at Elon Musk sale

The tech billionaire urges buyers to act responsibly as dozens queue up to get their hands on the $500 weapons

Some may think it the worst idea in the history of capitalism, an irresponsible stunt by a pyromaniac Willy Wonka, but for Earle Tabula there was no better feeling than buying a flamethrower.

“I love fire. I play with torches and gasoline all the time so this is the ultimate toy that I’ll play with for all my life,” he beamed, gripping his purchase. “I’ve bought a bunch of wood. I’m ready.

Tabula, 28, an IT company owner, was among approximately a thousand buyers who gathered in Los Angeles on Saturday for a “pick-up party” thrown by Elon Musk


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This is Musk's first profitable product. It's a $500 aerosol can with a lighter. It's actually pretty lame. I've seen better flame throwers made with a supersoaker.

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