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WAYNE MADSEN REPORT: Trump is a serial child abuser; efforts to force him to stop are ineffective

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Court filings and witness accounts show that Donald Trump is nothing more than a serial child abuser. This antipathy toward children has taken on many forms over the decades and it includes mental, physical, and, in some cases, sexual abuse.

WMR has reported on Trump's actions in the 1990s, which include a 1994 incident in which he and convicted child abuser Jeffrey Epstein reportedly raped and sodomized two girls, ages 12 and 13, at Epstein's Manhattan townhouse. Trump and Epstein were especially active with underage girls in the 1980s and 90s, when Manhattan was a hive for sexual abuse by modeling agencies, including Elite Models and Trump's own agency, T Models, LLC, which later changed its name to Trump Model Management LLC. Trump Pageants, Inc., which owns "Miss Teen USA," also saw its share of sexually abusive behavior by Trump. WMR's sources reported that during the time when Trump and Epstein engaged in orgies with underage girls, Epstein housed several underage models and even forcibly abducted girls at an apartment building at 301 East 66th Street in Manhattan.

Trump has always preferred the company of perverts who "liked them young." Trump's attorney and mentor, the notorious mob lawyer Roy Cohn, was rumored to favor sex with underage boys, a commodity that some of Cohn's friends in organized crime were more than willing to provide. Trump's White House deputy chief of operations, Joseph Hagin, has just been outed as an affiliate of the Albany, New York sex slave cult, NXIVM.

Full Report Here: https://www.waynemadsenreport.com/articles/20180620
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Most of the crimes we know about the last three administrations came from digging back at the stuff they accuse Trump.
They defect their crimes on Trump for shit we didn't even know about before they brought it up.
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This stuff was reported in places like the Village Voice and books by Barrett and O'Brien long before Trump started running scampaigns for PRECEDENT!
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There are multiple credible eyewitnesses to Trump's sexual groveling of his daughter Ivanka from as early as 13 years of age. One incident took place at the Trump Grill restaurant at Trump Tower when Ivanka was 15 and was witnessed by five members of the wait staff.

Trump employed at least one and likely other underage girls, used by Epstein as traveling sex slaves, at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida. Epstein owned an estate in Palm Beach mere blocks from Mar-a-Lago. Trump once commented that Epstein, who he called a good friend, was nice enough to allow neighborhood kids to swim in his Palm Beach pool.

Trump's seeming ignorance of Epstein's actual intentions point to the president's psychopathy when it comes to young children, especially girls, being torn away from their political asylum-seeking parents at the U.S. border and being interned in "tender age" care facilities and other detention centers. These "kiddie concentration camps" are run by the Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services, as well as private contractors like CoreCivic Detention Services of Nashville, Tennessee and Comprehensive Health Services of Cape Canaveral, Florida, both of which have given generously to Trump and Republican Party political campaigns.

The right-wing tilt of National Public Radio (NPR), unaffectionately nicknamed "National Pentagon Radio," is now governed by Trump political appointees on the Board of Broadcasting Governors. NPR's right-wing bias is more than evident in the following report on crying children separated from their parents and now detained at an ICE center.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
The right-wing tilt of National Public Radio (NPR)

NPR and anything proright do not go together.

Stick with talking about head shots and founding fathers.
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That was at the end of Madsen's report, at request of TPB.

Madsen is retired Navy, sees influence of military in everything.
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Jared and Ivanka probably are making a commission on the sale of every one of those kids, exactly as the Founding Fathers demanded.
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APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch says
Jared and Ivanka probably are making a commission on the sale of every one of those kids, exactly as the Founding Fathers demanded.

I hope they are getting sales tax, just as the SCOTUS Legistlature intended.
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That's Trump's brand now.

Hey! Lady! Don't let the Precedent hold you baby!
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Feux Follets says
Somehow I have this really sick feeling that sooner or later there are going to be numerous cases of child sexual and other abuse coming out of all of this mess on the border and some big names will be implicated.

Which Democrat congressmen are you expecting to be on that list?

Feux Follets says
And when said news finally does break - will this just be considered collateral damage and unintended consequences ?

Nah, it will be SOP for those Liberal congressmen.

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