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So Beautiful, Folks: Dem Base Reveals Itself

By MisterLearnToCode following x   2018 Jul 3, 11:10am 340 views   3 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Protesters have been out since Monday afternoon. An organizer says they have donations of cold water and food coming in constantly because the goal is to be out here in front of ICE’s office indefinitely until certain demands are met.

On a national level, they are calling for an end to mass deportations and to abolish ICE. This is a new movement that has sprung up saying the agency has gone rogue and needs to be replaced. There is growing support in Congress for this and also growing criticism.

Secondly, protesters want to end family detentions and close a detention center in Berks County. They say what we are seeing at the border is also happening in our backyard and it needs to stop.

Lastly, they are calling for the City of Philadelphia to have no cooperation policy with ICE.

“Despite Philadelphia’s reputation as a sanctuary city, it is the case that Philadelphia also has one of the most active ICE offices in the country. Part of the reason for that is that they are able to access the city’s residential data,” said protester Anlin Wang.

Totally beyond the Pale Extremist.
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Can I live in those beach houses of Malibu if I show up with a kid?
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lostand confused says
Can I live in those beach houses of Malibu if I show up with a kid?

Yes. It IS a human right after all.

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