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The Fake Russian British Poisoning

By Tenpoundbass following x   2018 Jul 6, 6:39am 222 views   0 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    


So yesterday I was driving listening to NPR and the BBC news update came on, the radio presenter(that's what they call them over there in the land of EU Lies).
Said that chemical agent is the same used in the Russian and his daughter attack earlier this year. If you recall the nerve agent was put on a door handle and it fucked those two up so bad they were in a coma for a week. This NPR presenter said that the authorities are telling everyone that had been in the area where the alleged attack occurred to wipe down your Cell Phones and Lap tops for a precaution. But if there was really nerve agent on those devices they would already be out of sorts and in a coma themselves. OR that's the last thing they should do if it really was there.

I remember during the last attack, Putin commented that if it was the nerve agent England alleges it was that those two would have died. And it would have killed anyone that walked by it. Also they said by it would not have been safe enough for anyone to go around the contaminated area. But after a day or so it would have been non detectable as it would have broke down and not left a trace by then. The British authorities were conducting tests on it weeks later. Putin said that was impossible.

So why is England poisoning their own people?
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