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"This scientist says that the South Florida sea-level threat is worse than you think"

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"For the past million years, atmospheric carbon dioxide fluctuated between 180 parts per million (ppm) and 280 ppm about every 100,000 years, and, in concert, temperature cooled and warmed and sea level went down and up 328 feet (100 meters) or more.

These natural changes in carbon dioxide,temperature, and sea level occurred over thousands of years as Earth changed how she presented herself to the Sun – cycles of a more and less circular orbit, more and less tilt of the axis, and shifting direction of tilt to the sun.

For the first time in the paleo-record, carbon dioxide levels have risen by more than 110 ppm and within the last 100 years because of our burning fossil fuels (half of the rise occurred in the last 30 years). This overall human-generated rise in carbon dioxide from 280 to 410 ppm is more than double the 180-280 ppm post-glacial increase which drove the 420 feet (128 meters) of sea-level rise in response to natural warming and ice melt – and it has happened 100 times faster!"

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"The Earth is now severely out of balance and will respond in unprecedented, dire, and most certainly rapid ways."

"Large fires are on the rise for many complex reasons, but rising temperatures are a chief culprit. Hotter temperatures dry out the atmosphere, lengthen the wildfire season, and allow invasive insects to expand their range, killing trees in their path."

Freedom! The right to fuck up the planet.
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"Extreme Heat Event in Northern Siberia and the coastal Arctic Ocean This Week"

", over 40 degrees above normal as forecast by the Global Forecast System Model."

What happens in the arctic stays in the arctic!
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Erosion has been a problem in South Florida since the beginning. The swamp has been drained and is drying out. If the sea level were rising then the Everglades would be reclaiming Gated Communities. That is not happening. South Florida's beaches erode and have to be replenished by dredging 5 miles off the coast about every 10 years. They do not do this for the Cosmetics to make our beaches further from A1A. They do it because of King Tide. Every year on the Fall Equinox the tide that is so big if the beaches are not properly sloped and a deep trench dug off the coast to absorb the tide. It swamps A1A along the Ft Lauderdale strip. When it erodes away, and fills back in the trench dug off the coast for it. The tide just ramps all the way and wipes the Strip out. We've been seeing that for the last 5 years as the dredging is long over due. There has been concerns about it affecting the Coral and sea life so they put that on hold. They didn't tell the Beach front developers though who continue to put millions of dollars in construction at mother Nature's peril to the Global Warming hyper's delight.
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BTW every time a powerful storm strips the beach in Hollywood away to the point that is a 8 to 12 foot drop off at the edge to the bottom when the beach is at low tide.
That's symptoms of erosion, not rising sea level. The leading edge of the beach is at the exact same place it was on Hollywood beach as it was when I moved down here in 1985. Even with the eroded beach and frequent king tide.
This all problems the Army Corp of Engineers solved by Dredging, which was probably cheaper back then, and they didn't consider the ecological impact.
If they had, they wouldn't have built nothing on other side of the Inter coastal waterway in South Florida. They would and should have left it all as Mangroves, Seagrapes, Palm trees and Sea Oats.
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Not so fond of Florida anyway. Wouldn't miss it.
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Patrick says
Not so fond of Florida anyway. Wouldn't miss it.

As California does for the West, Florida is the natural endpoint of the Eastern United States' "shit rolls downhill" process. When Florida becomes less habitable, the crazies and misfits there will be the first wave of Floridians fanning out and relocating elsewhere about the U.S.
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Everyone knows the Ocean over the earth isn't a smooth level static measurement right?

I need a sanity check from the so called Scientist on this site!
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Hmm, where can I find some brilliant, central planning organization filled with conscience stricken libbies, who will take all my money and solve this problem?
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People are choosing national suicide, arming themselves like never before, and making post apocalyptic survival fortresses for their families, the ones who can.

Things like civility and decency have become passé now that every man is your enemy and you dare not unite to change the disastrous course of our nation.

Warnings such as the linked article are eliciting only flippant responses here.
So globally we are up to about 4.6 millimeters rise per year, a rate of 1.5 feet (46 centimeters) per century. The problem is that this rate is now doubling every seven to eight years, and that will get our coasts in trouble very quickly. South Florida’s rate of sea-level rise has been a bit faster than the global mean in the past. We have had a 12 inch (29.7 cm) rise since 1930 versus 8 inches (20.5 cm) globally, and our rise is predicted to become significantly faster than the global mean in the future.

Current federal government projections for GMSL rise, those that include accelerating ice melt In Greenland and Antarctica, see a further 5 to 8.2 feet (1. 5 to 2.5 meters) of global sea-level rise by 2100.

Because of the many accelerating ice-melt feedbacks that are observed but not in the models for these projections, it is prudent to use the higher number for planning. So, 8.2 feet (2.5 meters) of further sea-level rise this century could mean a 2 foot (0.6 meters) rise by as early as 2046 and 4.2 feet (1.3 meters) by 2068.
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Dissolving the borders is indeed national suicide.
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Start shooting in a southerly direction now and you'll be fine.
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The AMERICA!n lesson is that the answer to EVERYTHING! is GENOCIDE!
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The first step in every genocide is blame and dehumanization, exactly the way that poor white people are being blamed and dehumanized by the mainstream media right now every day all day long.
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Patrick says
Not so fond of Florida anyway. Wouldn't miss it.

No state income tax in Florida makes it an attractive place to live.
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The Florida sea level is not only worse than you think, it is worse than you can actually observe!
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Re: CO2 alarmism. "280ppm has risen to 400ppm. The poles are going to melt."

Recall that 400ppm is extremely low conc. of the gas, making it really just a tiny trace in our atmosphere. 1%=10,000 ppm.
CO2 would have to rise 25 times ( 2,500%) just to become 1% of the gas in our atmosphere.

The energy output of the sun is not constant. This is a giant mistake all people make when they assume the sun is like a giant lightbulb with a watt rating. The cosmic rays emitted by the sun vary and CERN in Switzerland did an experiment showing cosmic rays affect cloud formation. Clouds=earth temperature thermostat.

The earth is covered by oceans and phytoplankton will use CO2. The CO2 is regulated by phytoplankton to some degree, as it is taken up by these plants, O2 is produced, and the plankton are either consumed or die and fall taking some C with them to the sea bed.

Re: Florida
Florida has some pros and cons. The pros are if you have enough money, and live in right place, it can be a boating, fishing, and scuba diving paradise. Yesterday in Jupiter is was clear, sunny, 89F but perfect at the beach and the ocean was crystal clear and 78F for swimming around.

Florida is just a few hours flight away from Europe, if you like to go there. Florida is just 30 minutes from the Bahamas which are a good skin diving, scuba diving and fishing location. Florida has no income tax which is a huge plus and people live in luxury condos and pay $1700/year property tax. Gasoline the other day was $2.65, a couple of years ago it was under $2.

There are many negatives of Florida; the natives seem slow, there is immigration of foreign poor, it's the South and was a slave state and there is tension between several groups; rich from the north who are not used to mixing with other races, locals, blacks who migrated from Georgia, etc. and foreigners from Haiti, Jamaica, and Latin America. There is some friction between the groups for certain.

Summer is not so hot as it is rainy; imagine you spent August in Pacific Grove or Monterey CA or Pacifica, Half Moon Bay and had a foggy cold summer; in Florida it would be rainy instead. Either way your summer weather may suck.

The difference I notice is Santa Cruz would be foggy and cool in the AM and warm up, while Florida would be sunny and warm in the AM then by 3pm there is a threat of rain.

Big negative: There are no views to compare to California, no roads winding through hills, vistas of ocean, etc.

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