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A Liberal that can't choose his battles is worthless

By Tenpoundbass following x   2018 Jul 7, 12:07pm 394 views   2 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

I think the biggest problem with Liberalism today is "thou doth protest too damn much!"
Liberals are the last vestige of defending people's freedom from Tyranny. When they run out of Oppression to fight and down trodden people to uplift.
They have no purpose and politically become anything but a champion of the downtrodden masses. They opt for the obscure one off's to build whole political empires and dynasties out of. America's Civil Rights transformation was too successful and the Liberals in America lost their way. You saw it in the late 60's and early 70's with the weathermen after the Civil rights movement had pretty much accomplished everything in their short wish list. They formed terrorist groups and blew shit up and terrorized Party Conventions and Political rallies. The Clinton dynasty was old fashioned Southern Democrat Carpet bagging operation.
Obama turned Liberal but without a truly oppressed population he had to divide people and create wide jagged rifts. Even in the EU, Liberalism has been so successful at transforming Europe into a docile Democratic Utopia society.
Look at Germany and the EU as a whole. They could have went into those African countries and put a stop to all of the atrocities that caused all of the famine and war refugees.
They didn't because they created the issue so they could import the shit into those EU countries to destroy the quality of life in those countries and exhibit Liberal traits by defending the Jihad displaced imported refugees as they knew it would create problems and they hope these refugees vote Socialist.

Again Obama could have nipped the Mexican cartel violence in the bud. A lot of NAFTA Manufacturing deals were just coming on line in Mexico at the time Obama came in office. He could have told the President stop the humanitarian crisis in Mexico and the Cartel violence or the deal is off. That would have been VERY FUCKING LIBERAL don't you think?

Sounds a hell of lot cooler and the kind of Liberal I would consider myself, than the half ass Marxist Commie imitation Liberal Obama turned out to be, Don't you Think?
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I don't hate Obama. He was just another tool our owners used to legitimate attacks on poor working people.

We need a real labor party to replace the failed democrats who somehow forgot about labor and became obsessed with tranny bathrooms instead.
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Patrick says
We need a real labor party to replace the failed democrats .

I like the spirit of that, but political movements called "Labor Parties" always end bad. Poland is just getting out of their 30 year fiasco.
People that champion collectively for the good of Workers through NGO or junior elected people are the most corruptible. And that's the problem with Labor parties all of that grassroots effort gets coalesced into just one person who votes for everyone else on the whole. A labor party movement demands to much from others.
We need classic economics.
Banks that pay savers interest.
We need a strong Small Business Administration that has programs to put people in small businesses with guide lines that you will employ (X) amount of people.
The SBA green lights sensible business plans that on paper should produce the desired consequential GDP results. Those loans totally guaranteed by your business as collateral. Can't just fold and liquidate if you still owe the SBA. First you have to go before a review board to assess why the business failed if it was mismanagement you get replaced and lose your idea the business and everything. The business is then sold to people looking to get into businesses to buy the debt. And continue filling that niche and sector for that community if possible.
I think concentrated manufacturing businesses that domestic economic advisors, advise and forecast what goods would be hot and in demand.
It's the way the Green Energy boom should have been handled instead of billions given to Solyndra and Elon Musk to squander. not to mention the billions given to Google to develop Geo Sats to study Climate Hoax. That could have all went to local small operations.
Even modular cars would be a huge economic boom. Where you would have a UL standard for Chassis, Motor mounts, Axles, hubs and chassis bolts. Instead of a Car manufacturing controlled by big 3 and foreign markets. Everyone that wants to get into car business can. Fabricators who make custom cars, with Motor options, power options, wheel options, everything about the different cars being made in manufacturing companies all over America. It would be huge, cars for half the cost of the Big 3 offerings and classic new car market.
You wouldn't need a Labor party if you an economic champion.
We need leaders that aspires everyone to be upward mobile and allow the creation for the millions opportunities needed. By just staying out of the way.
Those financial bailouts in 2008 though 2010 robbed America of so much new blood and innovation with the new players and opportunities.

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