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"We are in the early stages of this. Wait for simultaneous crop failures."

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"It is a simple truth that the vast majority want to ignore, that flora and fauna are unable to adapt to rapid changes in their environment such as abrupt climate change."

Food magically appears in your local grocery. There are no such things as farms & ranches!
A lot of info about what heat is doing around the world.

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So that second Ice Age predicted in the 1970s is going to bring down glaciers that will cover formerly arable land?
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HeadSet says
So that second Ice Age predicted in the 1970s is going to bring down glaciers that will cover formerly arable land?

Explain your analysis of the link.
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More HOAX!ware from libbie cunts who never ate at a McDonald because it's too AMERICA!n.
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Watch for water strain. That should be the threat of concern.
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It was hot here this morning and I killed the neighbor's kid in front of a picture of TRUMPLIGULA! and the temperature dropped 14 degrees.

Libby cunts don't appreciate having a LIVING! GOD! for PRECEDENT!

Or all the GOOD! PAYING! JOBS! TRUMPLIGULA! preserved for ZTE and nuke bomb engineers in North Korea.

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Sounds like more of a problem for areas of the world that have been breading like rats since the green revolution with agriculture.

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