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"And the Golden Golem of Greatness will lie upended in the swamp that he just didn’t try hard enough to drain."

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"The big question, of course — hardly ever asked in the public arena — is what that will do to currencies, i.e., money. It can really only go two ways: either make money very scarce, in which case a lot of people and enterprises go broke, or, if the monetary authorities respond to the predicament by enabling a return to bottomless credit issuance, the money will become worthless — they’ll be plenty of it, but it won’t buy much. Such a turn of events will make an already-unhinged nation fly apart."

Anything I can do speed this along,just so I could say ,"I told you so."

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"Nearly half of Americans who have less than three months of expenses saved say they are somewhat comfortable or very comfortable with the amount of money they have stashed away for emergencies. What's more, 18% of respondents with no emergency savings at all say the same thing."

More debt is America's only solution!
Looks like America won't need my help creating our next great fubar.


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