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Fact checking NBC

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Yes, NBC, a DNA test wont' show if she's Mohawk or Oneida, or even Algonquin vs. Iroquois.

But it WILL show if she has Amerindian ancestry.

Nobody claimed she was a member of a specific tribe, people are skeptical that she's an Indian at all, which a DNA will show beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Another half-truth from the media to defend the Narrative.

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Jane C. Timm

This is the lying cunt writing propagandist that wrote that article.


Imagine what leftists would be doing to an author of a similarly right wing extremist point of view.

Seeing as she was previously a "fact checker for Rolling Stone" (Thats one hell of an oxymoron), Ms. Timm seems to have zero issue playing fast and loose with the truth.

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