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"Volvo may cancel 4,000 worker job expansion in Trump-friendly South Carolina after being rocked with tariffs:"

By HEYYOU following x   2018 Jul 10, 1:53pm 606 views   9 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Trump is a man of his word!
He ran on tariffs, you voted for tariffs,Trumpistas!
Republican Socialist Sen. Lindsey Graham will immediately fix this!
He's been sucking taxpayers money since 1982, short time in private practice.


The 4000 can get jobs at fry or shake stations in career advancing jobs!
1   APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch   ignore (36)   2018 Jul 10, 1:55pm   ↑ like (2)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Volvo is a terrorist organization. They refused to suck off THE! PLENIPOTENTIARY! as commanded.


2   Tenpoundbass   ignore (13)   2018 Jul 10, 1:56pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (1)   quote   flag        

OK so South Carolina will get several factories that employ 4,000 workers.
I don't think the Globalists get that this isn't about the status quoa companies and their global subsidized bottom line.
This is about American innovation, new American entrepreneurs, and a renewed American spirit and pride. Some of you are going to need to Fund Managers!
Because the old way will be turned on its head and will look more like the old way. Where Stock market wild swings are 3 and 5 point spreads, and volatility is a 10 point drop.
The real money will be in classic banking saving and loaning money.
3   APOCALYPSEFUCKisShostikovitch   ignore (36)   2018 Jul 10, 2:07pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Nuke Stockholm and MAGA!
4   HeadSet   ignore (1)   2018 Jul 10, 2:10pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

From the article:

The report states that “Volvo Cars also opened a new $1.1 billion plant near Charleston, S.C., last month to produce its S60 midsize sedan for North American markets,” with plans to begin production of a SUV model that they hoped to export to China.Under that scenario the company would go on a hiring binge, boosting current staff from 1,200 to 4000 workers. That plan is currently being questioned.

Trouble is, China ALREADY long had a 25% tariff on cars from the US. Any plans to build cars and export to China had that tariff already considered. Also mentioned in the article is the cars that are imported into the US from China are mostly Volvos. An increased on said tariffs on imports from China would encourage Volvo to build more cars for the US in the US.
5   FortWayne   ignore (4)   2018 Jul 10, 5:46pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Swedes win one soccer game and think they can push it with us. Someone needs to set this straight.
6   clambo   ignore (4)   2018 Jul 10, 7:25pm   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Do the readers realize that Volvo automtive is owned by a Chinese car company? (Geely).
7   MisterLearnToCode   ignore (4)   2018 Jul 10, 8:03pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

clambo says
Do the readers realize that Volvo automtive is owned by a Chinese car company? (Geely).

Yep, they better start expanding that manufacturing! The Tariff on Chinese will only go up, up, up unless China engages in Free Trade.

But maybe they can't compete without Turd World Wages.
8   HEYYOU   ignore (25)   2018 Jul 10, 8:13pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Volvo can do as they please,keeping Trump voters from getting those jobs. Voter's remorse,yet.
Any Rep/Con that owns a 2010 or later Volvo is a Communist sympathizer.
Volvo owners are the enemy of S.C. Trumpies.
9   clambo   ignore (4)   2018 Jul 10, 9:27pm   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

I actually have a 2013 Volvo, it was manufactured in Belgium in 2012. They have a factory in China but now China makes Geelys that look identical to Volvos there too.

I believe the reason for the Volvo factory in the USA was to sell to the American market. The Volvo car buyer would normally not like a semi-luxury car "made in China".

They wanted me to trade my 2013 S60 T5 with a 5 cylinder turbo made in Europe for a 4 cylinder turbo made in China. I asked"Does anyone make that trade?" "No".

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