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San Francisco cooking trend sweeps nation!

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'Exposure to feces' blamed after dozens sickened at neighborhood cookout

HARLOTTE, N.C. - Officials said almost half of the 100 people who attended a birthday party and cookout at an east Charlotte apartment complex over the weekend have come to area hospitals complaining of stomach problems as of Tuesday afternoon.

Officials believe a contagious bacterial infection is to blame for the illness that hit dozens of people and hospitalized several of them.

Emergency responders were first called to the Forest Hills Townhomes on Four Seasons Boulevard and Farm Pond Lane around 6 p.m. Sunday.

Paramedics believe the illness was linked to a neighborhood birthday party and cookout on Saturday night.

Damber Gurung, who lives next to one of the victims, said she was out of the hospital Monday.

"I think she's almost alright,” he said. “Yes, feeling better.”

Channel 9 crews were at the apartment complex as the sixth call came in and paramedics arrived with sirens blaring.

"(I hope) That they find out what it was and I don't get it or worry about it,” neighbor Angela Perez said.

Officials said the highly contagious bacteria Shigella was to blame for the illnesses after the food was contaminated with feces.

Seek medical attention if you experience these symptoms:

Loose bowel movements that may contain blood or mucus
Stomach cramps
Health department officials said some of those hospitalized were in the Intensive Care Unit with serious symptoms and were being treated with antibiotics.

At least two of those in the ICU were children, officials said.

“What we're looking at is someone who prepared food for the event didn't wash hands well and that infection, which is highly contagious, which is called Shigella, transferred to individuals at the party,” said Mecklenburg County Health Director Gibbie Harris.


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Or some psychopath took a dump in the chili, sitting on the edge of the pot, sucking a monster Parodi and chuckling diabolically.

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