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Former US Ambassador Assaulted in UK

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Sir Christopher Meyer, the former ambassador to the US, is in hospital after two youths attacked him at Victoria station in London yesterday afternoon.

Sir Christopher, 74, was left with injuries to his left eye, nose and lip after the assault. His wife, Baroness Meyer, said that he was taking the Tube home when he was attacked.

“He looks terrible. His left eye is like a golf ball and bleeding, the nose looks like it could be broken,” she said.

Baroness Meyer used a comment on the Times website this morning to thank well-wishers and praise the swift response of police on the scene.

“Just to say thank you to all those kind messages,” she wrote. “Yes, this is absolutely appalling. 3.30pm in central London.…


3:30PM in the Afternoon.

And it's one hell of a coincidence with the timing...
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I see that it takes two British youths to take on a 74 year old man.

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