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Sweden: Leftist elderly women accused of abusing illegal child refugees by offering home in exchange for sex

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A new scandal with volunteers exploiting Afghani male refugees is uncovered in Härnösand. The news was first published in a Facebook post by Stefan Lindquist, a leftist politician from the northern Swedish town of Härnösand.

According to Lindquist, Swedish Facebook group ‘Stop deportations to Afghanistan now!’ is being used to exploit so-called ‘paperless minors’ and young men from Afghanistan.

He says that in the majority of cases, women are offering food and accommodation in exchange for sex, but there has also been at last one incident in which a man has raped a young male migrant.

Lindquist confirmed in the online magazine Samnyyt that it is in the support group for Afghani refugees that the “widespread exploitation” of Afghan boys is taking place.

According to Lindquist, “unscrupulous ladies” make contact with the boys, invite them to their homes, and use them for “everything from slave-like work” to “gross sexual assault and rape.” The accusations are based on testimony from the boys themselves and people who help them.

Lindquist says that he has reported the scandal as well as a number of the support group’s members to the police authorities in Sweden. “At least ten – one or two men and the rest are women”. Lindquist has also reported the case to the Facebook group administrators, who have refused to report the abuse to the authorities even though they are aware that it is occurring.

He has since been blocked by the group’s administrators for trying to inform the group about the gross misconduct. According to the Facebook post, the group’s manager is aware of what is going on but refuses to report on the events as she “fears that racists are going to use this information”.

Samnytt has tried to contact the representatives of the support group for comment, but efforts so far have been unsuccessful, and the status of the group has been changed from “open” to “secret”.

“The boys themselves do not dare to report to the police because they are staying in Sweden illegally. This makes it extra strange that these elderly unscrupulous ladies are abusing them. Close the support group or take responsibility for what is happening there”, concludes Lindquist.

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