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The Battle of the Boyne

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James II ignored Parliament, tried to impose his will via the "Royal Perogative" like his relative King Louis of France, the great butcher of Protestants and terrorizer of the Netherlands.

He was defeated in battle, at the River Boyne, by William of Orange, the Stadtholder of the Netherlands who replaced the Tyrant James II as King of the United Kingdom.

William, the Whiggish King, respected Parliament, modernized Britain, and turned it into a superpower of science, industry, and commerce. The College of William and Mary was established in Virginia in his honor.

God bless Britain and the Dutch.

William triggers Authoritarian Losers to this day. May Trump of Orange built a similar legacy of enraging those who love Absolute Totalitarian Ideology as well.

Nothing triggers Leftist Tyrants more than the #Twelfth . The mad bombers who murder WW2 Veterans Parades are whinging about some bonfires today

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