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Democratic Socialists Set Up Shop On Campuses Nationwide

By MrMagic following x   2018 Aug 1, 6:25pm 482 views   5 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

The Young Democratic Socialists of America organization now claims to have more than 250 chapters on campuses across the country, a dramatic increase from just 15 chapters in 2016.


In June 2017, YDSA launched a “Fall Campus Drive” with the goal of registering 100 new chapters by the fall semester, noting that it had already expanded from just 15 chapters to 50 chapters in 27 states over the preceding year.

Notably, the constitution also stipulates specific gender- and race-based leadership quotas for the National Coordinating Committee (NCC), which oversees YDSA between annual conferences, mandating that at least half of the committee’s members must be “self-identified women or gender non-binary people,” and that at least half must also be “people of color.”

If those quotas are not met for any reason, the NCC is required to recruit additional at-large members until it achieves the required degree of diversity.

Students at campuses with active YDSA chapters, though, say the organization is better at disrupting conservative speech than advancing its own policy agenda.

Members of YDS at [George Washington University] are not interested in genuine activism or attempting to talk to others who disagree with them,” asserted Campus Reform Correspondent Abigail Marone. “Instead, they're content with causing a scene without a clear message.”

“I think the group’s inability to have a cohesive message on my campus is a great representation of the democratic socialist movement’s inability to have a clear, cohesive message,” Marone added. “Candidates like Ocasio-Cortez want to get involved in as much left-wing activity as possible without even having a clear message of what they stand for or an understanding of basic policy.”

I’ve witnessed them tear down signs for conservative events I’ve hosted, attempted to shut down a Dinesh D’Souza Speech which required a police presence, and even assault a conservative student,” Weldon added. “At Florida, YDSA has pushed for the abolition of ICE, government controlled healthcare, and making UF a sanctuary campus.”

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Full retardation
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Actually Americans they shoot the Reds first. They always kill the Reds before they let the country go Commie.
The only good Commies are dead Commies. Don't worry about the College boys, when Mom and Dad cut their stipends they'll come around.
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MrMagic says
Democratic Socialism is still Socialism

Just like a 'little bit' of feces in a brownie is still a shit brownie.

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