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Google puts profits above integrity

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GOOGLE IS PLANNING to launch a censored version of its search engine in China that will blacklist websites and search terms about human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest, The Intercept can reveal.

The project – code-named Dragonfly – has been underway since spring of last year, and accelerated following a December 2017 meeting between Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai and a top Chinese government official, according to internal Google documents and people familiar with the plans. ...

The search app will also “blacklist sensitive queries” so that “no results will be shown” at all when people enter certain words or phrases, the documents state. The censorship will apply across the platform: Google’s image search, automatic spell check and suggested search features will incorporate the blacklists, meaning that they will not recommend people information or photographs the government has banned.

There's an old joke that goes like this: a guy approaches a woman at a bar and offers her $1,000 to sleep with him, showing her the money. She hesitates, but agrees. Then the guy puts the money away and offers her $10. She's indignant, replying "What do you think I am?" He answers, correctly, "We have established what you are. We are simply negotiating price now."

Google is a whore.
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