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Now I Know Why The Democrats Here Keep Side-Stepping the Question of Comparing First Year Jobs Created Between Trump and Obama

By MrMagic following x   2018 Aug 5, 7:01pm 853 views   6 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

Instead, when asked, they've been comparing Obama's LAST year to Trump's FIRST year. Now I know why.

This is from CNN (not Fox News). It must have killed CNN to report it:

First-year presidential economies:

Barack Obama - 2009
Jobs lost: 4.3 million
Unemployment: Rose from 7.8% to 9.8%
S&P 500: Ended the year at 1,115.10, up 23.5%
GDP: Down 2.8%

Donald Trump - 2017
Jobs Created: 2.1 million
Unemployment: Fell from 4.8% to 4.1%
S&P 500: Ended year at 2,673.61, up 19%
GDP: Up 2.3%


BTW, Libbies, that's how you do a "Apples to Apples" comparison.

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MrMagic says
Now I know why.

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MrMagic says
BTW, Libbies, that's how you do a "Apples to Apples" comparison.

Nah....they'll keep posting outright lies...here and everywhere else.

What else can they do?
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Aphroman says
So Obama walked into the Republicans crumbling economy in 2009, and it obviously took time to implement his policies to reverse the Bush Great Depression 2.0.

Actually, that's wrong. Obama walked into Democrat policies, since the Dems took the majority in Congress two years earlier in 2006, before he won. The Depression came AFTER 2 years of Dem policies.

Aphroman says
Context is important

Aphroman says
People with a brain know


Now people with brain know, with context, exactly what happened.
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MrMagic says
The Depress.ion came AFTER 2 years of Dem policies.

This is true, but Bush pushed for the progressive home loan lending for the poor. Bush/Clinton/Obama are almost identical. Neocons/Dems basically the same thing.

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