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Email from a friend today:

the vastly overriding issue is that the Democrats continue to support Wall Street, don't favor jail terms for bankers and stock brokers and others who have ruined the country, favor trade pacts like TransPacific that ruin American workers, support heavy Hispanic immigration (ruins workers, even the Mexicans who have been here a long time and get good pay realize that and oppose further immigration), are going to support various politically correct usages and practices and laws mandating same, support extreme feminists etc etc

this is toxic to the max

the Democrats are going down to a second huge defeat, in my opinion

what working people want is support on economic issues and higher pay etc and benefits and medical care (not Obamacare, but real socialist medical care like they have in all other advanced countries) and worker protections of various types

I'm not sure totally socialized medical care would be a good thing, but otherwise I agree.

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