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Watch: Millennials Try To Explain The First Amendment

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Spoiler Alert, they don't know crap.

This month, a new study was released analyzing Americans’ perception of the First Amendment, as well as their knowledge of what it entails. As many would expect, the results were bleak.

For example, 40 percent of those surveyed were unable to list any of the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment, while another 36 percent could list just one.

Wanting to know if millennials at an Ivy League School would fare better, I headed to Columbia University to talk with young people about their knowledge of the First Amendment.

Offering $20 to any person who could tell me the five freedoms guaranteed under the amendment (Speech, Religion, Assembly, Press, and Petition), it quickly became clear no one would be going home with the money.

“No, I have no idea,” said one student when asked if he could name any of the five, while another asked if “the right to bear arms” was found under the First Amendment.

One student, after failing to name more than one freedom listed, conceded, “now I feel like I need to go home and just read.”

Throughout the afternoon, the majority of the students were able to identify 1-2 freedoms guaranteed under the First Amendment, but no one was able to list more than three.

What else did they have to say, and where did they think the First Amendment should be limited? Watch the full video to find out!

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Comments below the video:

Prez Necro
14 hours ago
It is very sad to know that these young people are supposed to be the future of our country. They at the college level and do not even know the first amendment to the Constitution. I can almost guarantee that they probably do not know any of the others as well. Send them all back home to Mommy and Daddy's basement and save us from their ignorance!!!

N¡ghtshade *
15 hours ago
Ironic that their college professors and teachers, claiming to be champions of human rights and social justice fail to instill into these kids the 5 foundations of a tolerant and non-oppressive society.

South Bronx, NY
15 hours ago
Notice how they know nothing about the amendments but still have a complete answer on how to implement it.....bunch of idiots!!!!

Georgia Henderson
14 hours ago
These indoctrinated sheep are so ignorant they can't comprehend their blatant stupidity!
Their indoctrinators should be publicly flogged!

867 5309
14 hours ago
Couldn’t list what’s in the First Amendment but had no problem spewing the EXACT same lefty group think talking points. Gawd help us.

Justice League
30 seconds ago
This is what lower education gets you. And they pay for the privilege of becoming debt slaves for the rest of there pathetic lives.

Jonathan Sobel
1 hour ago
"I know almost nothing about it, but at the same time, I super smarter than you and totes wanna restrict how everyone is protected by it lulz"
-- The Educated on most topics today

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