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Judgie Wudgie Pudding Pie Made Mueller's Counciler whine and cry

By Tenpoundbass following x   2018 Aug 7, 12:44pm 451 views   8 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

LOL No I'm not this creative to make that up. The Judge really did bring Mueller's Scumbag to tears.

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This judge Ellis is ruining this Lawyer's career. SO?


Ellis again compared the Ukrainians in question to American billionaires and “Mr. Koch and Mr. Soros” as political contributors.

“I don’t know why you keep bringing (up) these people,” Andres said, referring to the Ukrainians. “These people are not like any Americans. These people are oligarchs and that means they control a segment of the economy based on the governments allowing them to do that.”’

“These are not really political contributions,” he continued. “They are self-serving payments with respect to what oligarchs do.”

“That makes it even clearer to me that it doesn’t have anything to do with the allegations in this case,” Ellis responded. “It throws dirt on these people. They may deserve it. I don’t know – and I don’t care.”

At another point in the exchange Andres could be heard challenging Ellis on a technicality. “Respectively, judge, that is not what the law is,” Andres responded bluntly at one point.

The most heated moment of the debate, however, took place when Ellis got perturbed by Andres not looking up at him while speaking.

“Look at me! Don’t look down,” Ellis demanded.

Then, when Andres responded that he was looking at a relevant document, the exchange grew testier.

“You looked down as if to say ‘that’s B.S.!’” Ellis said. “I’m up here!”

Hey! My eyes are up here buddy, don't be staring at my Manboobs.
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The lawyers then returned to open court, and further sniping ensued after jurors left for the day. At the end of the day, Andres apologized to the judge, saying he didn’t mean to be disrespectful. The judge seemed to offer an olive branch.

“Don’t worry about it,’’ said Ellis, a 31-year veteran of the bench. “I’m not concerned about that at all. I remember trying cases.’’

Ellis said he had cases that were important to him and his career.

“I remember the stress and I remember the pressure,’’ he said. “This is a stressful time. So I understand that. But I’m trying to minimize the stress time is all I’m trying to do. And I think we can do it. I don’t think this case is as complex as it could be made to be.’’

Gates returns to the witness stand on Tuesday morning.
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He even looks like a Whinner. He looks like Billy Bush.

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FPBT says
I don’t think this case is as complex as it could be made to be.’

Manafort going down.
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FPBT says
Manafort going down.

Time Served and a huge IRS back fine.

I don't think he will get the book thrown at him as if his IRS woes had been discovered by the usual IRS shit list channels.

The Fact that no Russia collusion or wrong doing will be found, will cloud the outcome of his IRS woes. Because the focus of his prosecution was not on Tax evassion.
Besides that Mueller's star witnesses are both criminals that are rolling over to get reduced time. That will weigh in on how sever he gets hit for those charges, if he is found guilty.
Which I think there's a 50/50 he goes Scott free and sues Mueller when this is over.
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Well I see TPB knows all the evidence that Mueller has on every part of this investigation & can read the judges mind on what any sentence might be.

I've got an opinion just like I've got an asshole.

Rule 1- Be careful who you piss off!
Rule 2- Don't fuck with the IRS!
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Well I'll have you know shortly I after I posted this critique on Mueller, he formally charged Cohen with IRS tax evasion and is probably going to scuttle the other sensationalized Anti-Trump TDS based trumped up charges against Cohen.

What does that tell you?

Here on out we're going to see Mueller's team separate themselves from the Resist Trump and Impeach 45 nonsense.

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