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Twitter Bans VICE Founder, Punk Rocker Gavin McInnes

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“It’s a coordinated attack to stop us from reaching people with our message. White supremacists aren’t a problem for the left. They promote them at every turn and use them to scare their voters into voting for them. A group like ours that is unapologetically proud of their patriotism and one that includes men that are both gay and straight from all races and religions scares the shit out of the left and those trying to control us. First they called us Nazis and when that failed they tried to silence us. We aren’t going anywhere,” the owner of the Proud Boys account told Gateway Pundit. “We will continue to grow. We will continue to win and they know it. See you all on the next platform. YouTube, Apple, Twitter and Facebook are destroying themselves faster than we ever could.”

Twitter told Buzzfeed that it was due to their policy of banning “extremist groups” — yet dozens of Antifa accounts remain active.

Who wants to bet the Media, "celebrating" Charlottesville, is going to blame the Proud Boys knowing they will have to have their responses "filtered" via the media and not directly?
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So, what conspiracy theory did Gavin endorse? What racism did the Man whose wife is a Hindu Indian exhibit?

No doubt it's ahead of the upcoming bullshit in order to deny the ability to directly debut the Fake News' claims.
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One fool gone! Nothing but fools left.
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Gavin's wife is from the Ho-chunk Nation in Wisconsin.
I wonder if this is about Portland? Tim Pool pointed out that Right Wing Watch had better reporting than left leaning outlets like HuffPo. Antifa had a bad weekend...

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