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Something Positive

By WookieMan following x   2018 Aug 28, 8:52am 441 views   2 comments   watch   sfw   quote     share    

The wookie has been a bit testy lately. I've gotten accused of going postal and not contributing. Given the dearth of constant political BS, here's something positive that I think most should appreciate. It's long, so understand you might not watch the whole thing. MPNGA. And I'm sure some have heard about the Patey brothers, but they're some inspirational dudes. If you don't like it, you're a zombie ;) I started it after the University hack gave his intro.

FYI, the lack of posts has been because I've been off work and was the first time in my adult life I could just relax and chill with my kids. Everyone that can do it should at some point. Don't wait until grandkids.

Also, look up Mike Patey and Drako if you're into flying (both brothers do cool shit). Odds are if you are, you've heard about it. Either way cool shit.
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Great Video
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rocketjoe79 says
Great Video

Watch his brothers youtube videos on his Draco build. If you don't want to fly after that or respect what these guys are doing, then you might be nuts ;) These guys are brilliant yet prescribed as dumb growing up, like some trolls do to everyone here, on Patnet.

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