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Well it's not here,yet.

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"In 2012, North Carolina legislators passed a bill that barred policymakers and developers from using up-to-date climate science to plan for rising sea levels on the state’s coast. Now Hurricane Florence threatens to cause a devastating storm surge that could put thousands of lives in danger and cost the state billions of dollars worth of damage."

Wonder how many Socialist Rep/Cons will be wanting tax dollars from all the other states because they are incapable of running a govt. that can take care of it's citizens.
Not to worry! Trump & his ilk will take good care of you.
Wonder how many developers & builders will libel?

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Look at all the Socialist Red counties that will be begging because they are ill prepared.
What will it cost in Republican tax dollars to restore the beaches because Rep/Con beach dwellers are so special?

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"Hurricane Florence could cause more than $170 billion in damage to the East Coast this weekend and become the costliest hurricane in U.S. history."

Watch Free Market insurance companies raise premiums. Rep/Cons,how do you like Capitalism?
It could be worse if human caused climate change was real. ;-)


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