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MO 14 hr ago

"I met Shahed Hussain about 10 yrs ago when I stopped at this motel to inquire about a room/suite,the place looked a little shady so I asked to see the room/suite before I would pay,he did not like this one bit but when I said ''ok well thank you anyway ''and turned to leave,he relented and took me to see the ''suite'',along the way he struck up a conversation asking me what I did for work etc. , I told him I was in construction,remodeling etc.,he then began to give me the grand tour,showing me all around the place and asking me if I would like to do some remodeling for him,I really needed the work,but after listening to him for a bit my initial apprehension only increased ,there was something VERY ''off'' about him,I never met anyone that gave me such a creepy feeling,I could not put my finger on it,but I felt I was in the presence of evil,He struck me as the type of guy that might try to harvest my organs etc. yea THAT kind of creepy.Needless to say I got the heck out of there,which he was VERY unhappy about,he tried very hard to talk me into working for him,I never forgot the encounter and think of it /him whenever I pass the motel ."

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