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Trump signs law ending pharmacy gag rules

By Patrick following x   2018 Oct 11, 7:12am 469 views   1 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    


President Trump’s plan to lower drug prices would ban for Medicare's prescription drug program a "gag rule" that prevents pharmacists from informing consumers about cheaper ways to pay for drugs.

The change affects plans only on Medicare Part D. A federal effort to ban gag rules for all health plans has languished in Congress.

“This is a total rip-off, and we are ending it,” Trump said in a speech in the White House Rose Garden Friday afternoon.

Under the gag rule, the pharmacy benefit manager, which buys pharmaceuticals for an employer or union-sponsored health plan, tells the pharmacy that it cannot tell the consumer that the product is cheaper if he pays for it with cash rather than using insurance.

Lawmakers have howled that the “gag rule” helps inflate drug costs for consumers.

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