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Florida is a F**ked Up Cracker State

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Not gonna ban ARs? He just saying that to get the North Florida gun-toters.

This is great. Watch it. Gillum is a far Left Black Supremacist. "In order to get the agenda through, we're gonna have to do it by force."

Also, as a Manager of Youth Groups, Gillum was in love with DreamDefenders, a far left Black Group that advocates outright Socialism, everybody has the right to Higher Ed, Steak Dinners, etc.; sees White Supremacy under every bed, hates Cops, and well, look for yourself.

By the way, this is the more sanitizied version of the site. The other version was more obnoxious, the members think this is more centrist:
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This is what the Democratic Base Actually Believes.
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Gillum's favorite "Youth Activist Group" stance on Prisons and Parole - get rid of both! And do away with all bail, too!

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Amazing how a staffer for Gillum who is running a campaign office can call the whole state "Fucked Up Crackers" without a peep from the media.
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There are plenty of Redneck White Trash Rep/Cons there.TwoScoopsOfSpaceForce says
"In order to get the agenda through, we're gonna have to do it by force."

Trumps; "Lock 'em up!", "I'd like to punch him the face!" "2nd Anmendment Solution."

Republicans! Still nothing?

There are only a few points,which makes it easy, to bring up to make Republicans look like the fools they are.
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Florida blacks have some resentment. The local or "natives" aren't bleeding heart liberals and prefer no govt. interference, taxes. They don't accept the white guilt which is popular in other places. I think in many counties you won't feel loved if you are black.

Then, you have a ton of northern retired moving down. On the East coast they may be from NYC/NJ/CT and while accepting they haven't lived close to black areas before they moved down. Often rich Jewish old ladies and Italian Americans are a bit hostile to blacks in nice places.

The problem is that there is crime in some towns, like Riviera Beach. This is like Rio in Brazil; literally 1/2 a mile away from danger is Singer Island with high rise condos worth $1 million each.

My black female friend once had a frustrating experience and she said "Those crackers, etc." She also regressed into a southern type of speech which was a little funny so I said "Why are you talking like you're from Georgia?"

It's a touchy situation since we had a president for 8 years telling them whites are the enemy and the media feeds the resentment.

Interesting once when she was upset about the race issue she said blacks were superior in all physical characteristics to whites, just that whites know how to manage money better. I may have to agree since she is an almost perfect specimen herself.

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