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Does Diversity Create Distrust? Was Putnam wrong?

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Sociologists Maria Abascal, of Princeton University, and Delia Baldassari, of New York University, published a paper late last year which refutes Putnam’s conclusions. After reanalyzing the same dataset used by Putnam, Abascal and Baldassari asserted that when it comes to distrust and diversity, most of the distrust is expressed by Whites who feel uncomfortable living amongst racial minorities. In other words, greater distrust may stem from prejudice rather than from diversity per se. Therefore, Putnam’s conclusion that racial diversity leads to less altruism and cooperation amongst neighbors was incorrect. If there is a downside to diversity, it has less to do with the behavior of racial minorities and more to do with how Whites feel when living amongst non-Whites.
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Meh. Lots of non whites are pretty vocal about not liking other non whites or wanting to live near them. In fact, when given a preference, most non whites prefer to live in mostly white neighborhoods. This leads to a run-up in cost for these properties, which puts a premium on them and further enhances the appeal of such areas to non whites. At some point, this may even flip. Take the example of Irvine, California. It started off lily white, but the prestige was such that non whites desperately wanted to live there. Now it’s majority Asian and most whites can’t afford to live there unless they are legacy.
I’ve seen whites moving back to nonwhite areas in droves just because they can’t afford to buy where they grew up.
So is it mostly whites who prefer to be around their own kind? Or is it that people want good schools for their kids and tend to prefer places where the majority raise their children right?
My own neighborhood is more than 50% white, but my family isn’t, and many of the kids aren’t. The schools are excellent, which is why we moved here. Non white parents in this community are workers and strivers who want the best for their kids. That’s why the schools are great.
2   Ceffer   ignore (2)   2018 Nov 30, 9:27am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

Diversity is the Waring Blender that the Globalist Royalty geniuses believe will reduce the population to an undifferentiated Heinz 57 genetic miasma, whose culture, thought and appropriate speech can be artificially generated, broadcast, inculcated and monitored.

The dislocations and tragedies are on the heads of the peasants, because they are, after all, a bunch of poorfuck cannon fodder who need somebody to rule them.

Technocrats who aid the rulers will simply be selectively plucked from the faceless ranks, based on specific aptitudes, as Royal Bestowments from the Globalist Royal Dynasties.

The Database Engines of Rule and Surveillance have already been perfected, so the Globalist Royalty can now proceed with historic arrogance against the peoples.

Forget about your fake borders and Constitutions. They are so old hat.
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Can hyenas and gazelles live together-sure as long as the gazelle realizes it is dinner and keeps a safe distance. Liberlas are fools-they want diversity and yet insist one cannot call out any difference we see and all are same?

Why do you want diversity if all are the same??????????
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Quigley says
Now it’s majority Asian and most whites can’t afford to live there unless they are legacy.

Oh give me a break! East Asian means whites with slanted eyes. We all know that Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese see South Asians (Indians), Indonesians, etc, as the blacks of the Asian continent.

What you're observing is the eastern European-ization of the Asian bloc in America. Like the eastern Europeaners, back in the 20s to 40s, these ppl are becoming white washed to appear Anglo-Saxon. This is not diversity, it's just adding another *.S.S.R unit to the American mainstream.

When Ugandans and Sri Lankans start to look white, then you've got a case.
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lostand confused says
hyenas and gazelles live together

First of all, these are completely different species of animals, not chimps & baboons. Asian and Whites are both humans, and east Asians are basically slanted eye white ppl, at least in comparison to Ugandans and Sri Lankans.
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Rin says

I hear baboons will mess you up.

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