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You will no longer be called the Clever Ape.

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You are the flesh eating disease of Earth.

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Link in above link.
Now this is fun.

"One portion of the population doesn’t believe humans are in overshoot and therefore sees no need to change their lifestyles.

Another portion is vaguely aware of a problem but prefers not to think about it nor possible changes to their lifestyles.

Another portion believes overshoot is real but thinks others need to change their lifestyles first.

Another portion thinks we have a problem but it is not caused by humans so there is no need to change.

Another portion thinks everything is in the hands of God so there is no need to change.

Another portion thinks they’ve already done enough by buying a new electric car, recycling, and reusing grocery bags.

Another portion believes renewable energy, carbon capture, and other technologies will solve the problem.

Another portion understands the problem but chooses not to change because they do not believe their sacrifices will make a difference.

The balance of the population thinks it’s too late to do anything and therefore see no need to change.

The only thing everyone agrees on is that there is no need to change."


What portion thinks that there are no consequences? What one thinks has nothing to do with reality.
Only action can change present reality. A portion will talk themselves to death.

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Get into someone's wallet & watch things change.

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