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Democrats hate America and are trying to destroy it

By FortWayneIndiana follow FortWayneIndiana   2018 Dec 23, 9:10am 897 views   5 comments   watch   nsfw   quote   share    

They've been doing everything they can to flip it upside down and destroy it lately with identity politics. American capitalism is ran on competency. That's our societal structure. But left wants to replace it, they think best way into power is to replace competency with "identity politics" with power of government over individual. And here is their game plan:

1) Implement identity politics
2) Claim that America is a society ran by evil patriarchy that oppresses various identities for which left is bleeding heart supposedly.
3) Use that claim to justify destruction of all order, all normal, and all white people, divide families and create chaos.
4) Replace competence of capitalism, with socialism that promises redistribution from competent to those who will use force of government.

This is a socialist/communist revolution. And just like Soviet Union, Venezuela and Cuba, it'll lead to full destruction of America, widespread poverty, and complete destruction of human rights/stability/order. Left is Anti American, they are treason, they are evil fascists. Poor left wingers who think they'll gain something from this redistribution, don't realize that those same promises will be broken just like they were in all other socialist nations. But America will be destroyed.

This is why I support Trump, he is an antidote to this cancerous left wingery.
1   REpro   ignore (0)   2018 Dec 24, 12:26am     ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

You right, It's sad: Many democrats act just like communists during Russian revolution: Destroy first - Think later. For example they put on fire all crops as expression of hate to big farmers, then starving because was no crops.
3   Evan F.   ignore (0)   2018 Dec 24, 1:13am     ↓ dislike (1)   quote   flag        

REpro says
then starving because was no crops.

Yes that happens all the time here in the modern US of A

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