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1/3/2018 Trump Press Briefing - BRIEFING ON BORDER SECURITY - What the Experts Say And CNN’s Reaction

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For the first time in his presidency, Donald J. Trump held a news conference in the briefing room and Sarah Sanders, White House press secretary's only contribution was to introduce the president.

In the very brief briefing, President Trump reiterated his call for a wall along the southern border, after congratulating Nancy Pelosi on winning back the gable and becoming House speaker.

President of the National Boarder Patrol Council, Brandon Judd said he spent 21 years protecting our border as an agent and he can personally tell you from his experience “physical barriers, that walls actually work.”

And while you may have heard the opposite from the supposed “experts”, he can assure you that walls do work and that is the consensus among border patrol agents.

Read the article here: https://mojomorning.blogspot.com/2019/01/132018-trump-press-briefing.html

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