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Gavin Newsom thought it was a good idea to poke at POTUS? Trump just showed him exactly who’s boss.

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Almost exactly 12 hours after newly inaugurated California Gov. Gavin Newsom posted a tweet criticizing President Donald Trump’s Oval Office address to the nation, the president seemingly fired back by threatening to cut off FEMA funding to the left-wing governor’s state.

“Billions of dollars are sent to the State of California for Forest fires that, with proper Forest Management, would never happen,” the president tweeted at 10:25 am EST Wednesday morning.

The unexpected timing of the tweet has led some to surmise that the president posted it out of anger in response to the criticism Newsom leveled at him after his Oval Office address on the heels of a few digs at Trump’s policies in his swearing-in speech.

“Pres. Trump’s go-to is governing by fear and division,” Newsom tweeted at 10:36 pm EST late Tuesday evening. “We can secure our border AND achieve comprehensive immigration reform–without wasting taxpayer $ to build a pointless wall. Hundreds of thousands of fed workers are waiting on a paycheck.”


Didn’t you just spend our tax dollars on taking care of everyone but us taxpayers.

— GW (@Chicocal) January 9, 2019

I consider your bullet train a waste of taxpayer funds vs other pressing matters like taking care of Veterans, better pay and conditions for teachers, the homeless problem, improving job opportunities and housing.

— James (@JamesMo30809030) January 9, 2019

Mr Newsom, when it comes to safety, think about what’s best for all Californians and all Americans🙏. A secure border to deter illegal crossings is always a good idea. Consider being a leader that helps bring the American people together and work with our #POTUS it’s not about💰

— Oscar J LLamas (@oscarwhittierca) January 9, 2019

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Newsom is already a Getty bootlicker, and is eager to learn the LibbyFuck secret handshake to become a big time Globalist bootlicker, too!
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Maybe we need HeyYou to fact check all of this for us?

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