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"Do not worry about dying as it comes to all of us in the end, only this time we will all be going together."

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The anticipation is unbearable.

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I better bookmark this to see how close he will be.
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10 Degree Centigrade Rise in Mean Global Atmospheric Temperatures causing a Catastrophic Permian Style Global Extinction Event, is timed to begin on 4th September, 2021

Why not the 5th?
better bookmark this to see how close he will be.
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@ 2
If it begins on Sept.5th 2021 everything will be OK.
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“Global warming is here, and has major consequences already,” it adds, bluntly. “There is no doubt, none!”

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Maybe then finally people will cut the bullshit.

So hard to bear all the time right now.
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No shit?

No, you are really talking shit there

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