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Police seize a record breaking 9.5 TONNES of cocaine from a Russian ship in Cape Verde

By Hugolas_Madurez following x   2019 Feb 1, 2:06pm 432 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

Police in Cape Verde have seized nearly ten tonnes of cocaine and arrested 11 Russians in the largest single drug haul in the island country's history.

An Atlantic archipelago of 500,000 people off Africa's west coast, Cape Verde has long tried to tackle gangs trafficking Latin American cocaine to Europe via West Africa.

The 9.5 tonnes of cocaine were seized overnight from the ship which was travelling to Morocco from South America.

It docked at the island's capital and primary port, Praia, for legal reasons following the death of a crew member, the judiciary police said in a statement.

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Since the poor devils lost the ability to move cocaine from Latin America to Europe via diplomatic mail last year they now have to resort to more crude methods.
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Think how much faster they could have been stopped if only there had been a wall.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
more crude methods.

More like economically sound financial planning to me to move large quantities knowing there is going to be a cost to do business (getting some seized now and then)

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