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What the MSM refuses to report regarding Warren's bogus race claims

By willywonka following x   2019 Feb 8, 10:12am 559 views   7 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

Warren, a then recent law grad, could not have been unaware of the Bakke affirmative action case, decided in 1978. She was undoubtedly aware that that because of racial quotas and the lowering of qualifications for minorities, that a career advantage existed in identifying as a minority. As at Harvard, privileged white students were demanding the hiring of underrepresented minorities, and schools and businesses were under pressure to conform.

Now what is a lower middle class white girl with average looks do? Why shouldn't she be helped, too?

But God help you if you at all imply that standards had been lowered for minority students, colleagues, politicians, etc. You'll never see a description in the MSM that gaining advantage was Warren's motive, because to even remotely be identified as a backer of meritocracy, and a questioner of qualifications, you will be attacked. How dare you imply that I am less qualified because of affirmative action! How dare you!!!!!!!!!

And how dare you slander the primarily minority athletes! YOU BASTARD! YOU KILLED KENNY!!!!!!!!!

Neomi Rao and Affirmative Action: Another Reason to Oppose
"Over the past decades, Yale has dedicated itself to a relatively firm meritocracy which drops its standards only for a few minorities, some legacies and a football player here or there. Otherwise a Yale student need have no privilege or status, only than [sic] a good mind. Women have undoubtedly benefited from such a standard because a meritocracy cuts across traditional lines of gender bias."

The Battle Over Neomi Rao Is the Latest in the Judicial Wars

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Fox News decries MSM every fucking day. How ironic is that?

Looks like they made the "liberal media" true by crying about it ad nauseum. Oh well, that's what they do. Yes. Frequently they use crying. Literally crying to sell a crooked fucking argument. (I saw them do it again last night)


And you know what? You don't see those shameless theatrics on CNN or MSNBC or ... any fucking other place but Republican shit fountains.

Everyone angry? afraid? groupthinking? (oh wait, groups don't think)


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willywonka says
Now what is a lower middle class white girl with average looks do? Why shouldn't she be helped, too?

But this is okay for Democrats because she swings for their team. Had Warren been a Republican, there might be FBI agents with full auto M4's ready to raid her home.
3   clambo   ignore (4)   2019 Feb 9, 2:47am   ↑ like (1)   ↓ dislike (0)   quote   flag        

She wished to be identified as a minority and she came up with Native American; people didn't dispute it although she was lying.
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Jazz, knock it off. If you need to get personal and emotional, take a breath first.
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truth to power

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