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Guess who's claiming Obamacare isn't working? Democrats!

By curious2 following x   2019 Feb 9, 12:51pm 548 views   3 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

"The silent premise behind Medicare for All is that Obamacare has been a bust."

PatNet readers may recall Why Democrats Lost. It is the issue that brought me to PatNet. I remember when Democrats opposed Obamneycare, when it was called "Hillary's Plan" and Barack Obama campaigned against it in 2008. I remember too how, when Obama "changed his mind" and signed it in 2010, Democrats swung around in favor. That's when I saw MSM fakery, and partisan loyalty prevailing over facts. I pointed out in detail the problems of Obamneycare, including some that Barack Obama had stated in his 2008 campaign. For my trouble, some on PatNet called me names and attributed bizarre and contradictory motivations. bob2356 misattributed so many different lives to me that I began to feel like Walter Mitty. Obamneycare, or HeritageFoundationCare as errc used to call it, was a disaster from the start. That was predictable based on the experience of Romneycare in Massachusetts, and the Medicaid expansion lottery in Oregon.

Now, finally, Democrats are implicitly acknowledging what was already apparent when they enacted it.
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Cash prior to any healthcare service or one is a loser.
Bet that shoe fits a lot of Republicans.
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Of course. This was the plan all along. To wreck health care even more so it could 'only be saved' by single-payer!
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Obama and others who implemented Obamacare become very rich.

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