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It offended him as an Old Ass Liberal White Black Man

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All Liberals are Putz's no exception. Don't be a Putz. Find Jesus.


Sportscaster Warner Wolf Arrested for Removing the Word for ‘Plantation’ from Community Sign

Longtime D.C. sportscaster Warner Wolf was arrested for destroying a sign outside a gated community in Florida, because he claimed the sign was “racist.”
The sign Wolf defaced was the subdivision ID sign outside the “Classics Plantation Estates” in East Naples, Florida, Fox News reported.

At several past community meetings, Wolf had repeatedly insisted that the word “plantation” was “racist” and since developers would not listen to his demands to remove the sign, he took matters into his own hands and broke off the lettering outside the community.
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I bet he gets triggered at the other things around Florida, like the "Dixie Highway".

There is a weird culture war going on in some parts of Florida; the people coming down from NYC/NJ/CT/MA in droves are annoyed at the local ambiance; it's the south when you get right down to it.

There are still people around who enjoy taking a truck out and driving it in the mud someplace, others catch alligators, etc.

What's a bit interesting is that the guy Wolf may have an older mother who is in a nursing home. She may actually be abusive to the black staff there.

I know some people who work in this industry and they tell me that the older (dementia?) New York women (Jewish?) will scream "you nigger!'" etc at them. One was yelled at by a mega millionaire guy out on Jupiter Island, but she didn't care because she knows he's got dementia.

One of the caregivers I know well is very kind and considerate to her people, and she is heartbroken when one of them passes away. She says she may not be able to tolerate it for very much longer.

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