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Skull measuring is here, folks!

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On or about August 11, 2016, Plaintiff attended the meeting with Dr. Brooks. Dr. Brooks immediately inquired into Plaintiff’s ethnicity. After informing Dr. Brooks that she was Caucasian, Dr. Brooks asked if Plaintiff was sure and suggested that Plaintiff obtain an expensive genetic test to see if she could qualify as Native American or American Indian to garner better chances of being accepted to Jefferson.

Dr. Brooks informed Plaintiff that she advised a past Caucasian applicant to obtain a genetic test, that the applicant learned that he was partially African American, and that he was accepted into Jefferson on account of his race. Dr. Brooks also informed Plaintiff that she would gain admission to Jefferson in the incoming medical school class if she were African American, rather than Caucasian.

Plaintiff attempted to steer the conversation to a more appropriate subject by asking about Jefferson’s JeffHOPE program. In response, Dr. Brooks informed Plaintiff that she could get information about the program on Jefferson’s website, and then proceeded to ask Plaintiff if she could give her “maternal advice” about how to “take her ‘mess’ and turn it into admission.” Dr. Brooks insinuated that Plaintiff’s “status” as a Caucasian, European, American was a “mess” incapable of admission to Jefferson.

Plaintiff again tried to move the conversation away from her national origin, ancestry, and race, asking about Jefferson’s mentorship programs for first-generation college students. Dr. Brooks responded, “Oh! You are a first generation, that’s why you’re at Princeton,” insinuating that Plaintiff’s high SAT scores and status as Valedictorian of her high school would not warrant admission to Princeton.

When Dr. Brooks continued to assert that Plaintiff should attempt to discover if her family was somehow related to a minority group, Plaintiff again responded that she was a Caucasian, European, American who could not qualify as Native American or a member of any other minority group. . . .

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At the time of the 'Regents of the University of California v. Bakke' SCOTUS decision, one of the Regents pulled an oligarch blunder by publicly attempting to defend the practices by saying "We already discriminate. 10 percent of the professional school classes are reserved for Regent discretion." i.e. the Regents get to stuff friends, families, contributors and political connections into ten percent of the slots of the professional schools in the UC system.

So, the UC 'meritocracy' is restricted to 90 percent minus the Minority Put.
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Fuck the test. Just make the claim. What, you question my family heritage??? YOU FUCKING RACIST!!!!!!

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Isn't it enough to just prove common ancestry with Elizabeth "Phocahontas" Warren?

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