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Days later, Southern Baptist leaders rejected nearly every proposed reform.
The abusers haven't stopped. They've hurt hundreds more.
... implored them to consider prevention policies like those adopted by faiths that include the Catholic Church.

The statistic is that the rate of abuses in the Baptist Churches is much higher than in the Catholic Church.

Still, the wrongs that were done in the Catholic clergy are bigger news because the Catholic church is a bigger institution and that makes more clicks. TV news harp on those too and make it into a national focus. (probably to deter people from looking at the ongoing betrayal of the public trusts by elected representatives, the quiet wars we are always waging internationally on behalf of the rich particularly the oil-rich)
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Organized religion is like organized crime.
If a person needs to pray to a deity of his choice, why can't he do it in privacy of his home, without feeding tons of scammers who pray on his money? Kids will not be molested AND more money for family. A win-win!
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Any situation where kids are placed into the hands of authority figures is a set up for abuse that must be closely watched and controlled.

Molesters sneak their way into these authority situations and act as if they would never ever harm a fly.

All of them, not just churches.

It's a sickness of the entire human race.
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Now the Baptists are begging to be controlled because they are rejecting reform.

Are people going to let them get away with that?

Maybe, huh?

It sucks but people are too busy paying their debts and keeping themselves from trouble already.

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