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Special Treatment for Birmingham Muslims

By HonkpilledMaster following x   2019 Mar 7, 12:17pm 388 views   14 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

Opposed to the LGBTQ anti-hate curriculum. With a cry of "No Outsiders", Muslims in Birmingham reject the LGBTQ Curriculum

Think of that: No Outsiders. Think of a Christian School's parents doing the same (and yes the UK also funds Christian schools).

The Council is trying to ignore the issue, Muslim Parents are demonstrating with "NO OUTSIDERS!" banners, and LGBTQ activists are furious.

Video of Protesting Parents:

Watching this is absolutely gut wrenching.
Listen to what he's shouting. What the parents and kids are chanting.

"Telling people that it is okay... for you to be gay. Shame. Shame. Shame Shame."pic.twitter.com/W4ZOM9rtHh— Tom Harwood (@tomhfh) March 7, 2019

"Telling people that it is okay... for you to be gay. Shame. Shame. Shame Shame." screamed Muslim Activists.

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Of course, they want exclusive control of "education," but they want everyone's taxes to pay for the schools. That is the same as @Patrick with his new agenda to limit schools to what he calls "traditional" education. (Again, if we're talking Spartan tradition, then that's a conversation worth having. Perhaps AF can teach an elementary course in survival skills, to prepare the little ones for cannibal anarchy. "Tommy Guns For Tykes.")

After Patrick began littering his own site with outright lies, I wondered where this new agenda was coming from, and read further. Apparently, he has fallen under the spell of "Heartiste," a site so dominated by paranoid fear & loathing that TDS looks tame in comparison. They predicted that marriage equality would cause the world to end, and they are still stuck on that. Sometimes, when an insane cult predicts the world will end on a particular day or event, they drop that prediction when time proves them wrong; other times, they kill themselves to fulfill their own prophecy (Heaven's Gate, Branch Davidians). Others have a simpler formula: lie outright.

The question becomes, why?

In religious people, their belief in their own immortality depends on maintaining their doctrine. They see evidentiary disproof as a test of faith, which they must dismiss in order to avoid the cognitive dissonance that would come with accepting their mortality. Patrick has now rationalized lying outright because "all political argument is basically just rationalization for feelings. That is, the surface arguments are mostly "dishonest" in the sense that they do not have much to do with the true motivating feelings. Supporting evidence will be eagerly used, while negating evidence will be quietly ignored. This is not a specifically Republican or Democratic mechanism, it's universal." In that view, the political opinions (and I would add the foundation of their whole worldview) of religious people result from their fear of death. They must reject evidence that contradicts their doctrine, because they fear losing their (eternal) lives.

Occasionally, even irreligious people can fall into the same trap. Sticking with Patrick's view of opinion, and tendency to ignore evidence, the question becomes what is the motivation. Some people crave status, and fear losing what status they imagine they possess (motivation by fear of loss). In Palo Alto and Menlo Park, watching younger people succeed better in the same field, maybe feeling unfairly passed over (motivation by resentment), must add up. The median annual salaries at FB and GOOG are ~$200k/year, and employees' median age is ~30yo. These guys can bid up real estate prices and buy or rent nicer places than guys almost twice their age who have worked for decades and can't keep up. Gosh, that must really worry someone who craves status, especially if he rents his home instead of owning: motivation by resentment and fear of loss. In addition, identifying as a software engineer (motivation by identity) can emphasize binary logic, and even result in trying to impose binary models on a nonbinary world. Even though the world is nonbinary, with infinite shades of grey and color, some might imagine it should be binary. The idea that different people want different things, and that nature evolved diversity and in turn diversity gives life resilience and robustness, does not compute for such people. If nature were binary, all life would crash as often as Windows, but it isn't: species adapt, fish and amphibians change their sex as needed, etc. There are of course more than two genders, in English and German and other languages, but some insist there can be only two.

The sad thing is, apart from the lying being bad in itself, the lying has consequences. The kids who most need to hear that they are not alone and that it gets better are the ones whose parents try to suppress that information. Yet, the paranoiacs insist that kids must not be taught those facts, because "monkey see monkey do" and everyone will turn gay and the species would go extinct and blah blah blah. Different people want different things, learning about coal miners doesn't make kids want to mine coal, and if Patrick really believed in his claim that males are "hard wired" to want (female) T&A then no amount of teaching could change that. He doesn't believe it, partly because it isn't true and partly because he has cousins who are homosexual and officially celibate. He lies though, motivated by resentment, identity, and fear of loss, and rationalizing that such lying must be universal.

I took a break from PatNet to understand where the site is going, and if Heartiste is any indication, it's time to bail out. I would love to know where @dan8267 and @iwog went. It's time to find a better forum.
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curious2 says
If nature were binary, all life would crash as often as Windows, but it isn't: species adapt, fish and amphibians change their sex as needed, etc.

Curious2, you seems to identify as logical and science based. What are your views on the book "Bell Curve" by Murray and Herringstein ?

Do you agree that regardless of economic status, that minorities (i.e. non-white Hispanics, indigenous/Mayans, etc) will reliably score lower than whites on standardized math tests ?
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And Curious2, here is an example why Patrick's site is well revered. Go to the below 2006 post. It calls out a housing bubble !!!!

Patrick's site (and his appearance on 20/20) sounded the alarm. Patrick is a realist and he attracts other sensible people who realize when a financial bubble is being formed, that open borders leads to a Cloward Piven Strategy event, etc.

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AD says
views on the book

I haven't read it, so I don't have enough information to form an opinion.

AD says
Do you agree that regardless of economic status.... will reliably score lower than whites....

I think there is a lot of individual variation, and different people might define "reliably" differently. I have met individual persons of different colors who seem much more (or less) intelligent than one might expect based on publicly reported average standardized test scores.

It is politically unfashionable to say that average scores correlate with color, but I have already commented on PatNet that Muslims and non-Muslims differ significantly even within the same color. After centuries of inbreeding and killing the disbelievers (atheists and agnostics tend to have the highest IQ scores of any religious or non-religious group), Muslim Pakistanis tend on average to do significantly worse than Hindu Indians. Likewise in Egypt, Coptic Christians tend to do better than Egyptian Muslims. Islam started in the Arabian peninsula and spread initially to Africa, so it has mostly afflicted brown people, except for when Muslims conquered much of Europe. Islam tends to produce illiteracy or limited education; Madrassahs teach kids to memorize the Koran, and it is often their only book. To the extent that Islam correlates with color, it would tend to bring down the scores of the colors it afflicts most widely.
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AD says
why Patrick's site

PatNet became popular during and after the housing bubble, but Patrick is a perma-bear on housing. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. He would have done better in the long run if he had taken out a mortgage and bought a house in 2010, because people who did that in his area have got a better ROI than buying stock. @iwog was more objective, and based his timing on evidence rather than stubbornness.

PatNet devolved towards a Nazi site (I mean that literally, as in one user identified himself as "a national socialist" and another threatened violence and "civil war", and others continue to hold similar views). As PatNet has devolved, more people have left. I have been leaving, and returned only briefly today to reply to MisterLearnToCode, whom I respect and whose email landed in my inbox.

I'm not planning on staying.
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curious2 says
Patrick is a perma-bear on housing.

I think Patrick is a good investor and rather use money saved from renting to do a lot better investing it in stocks like Disney, Altria, Facebook, Goldman Sachs and Amazon. Patrick probably still does better even if housing within his zip code appreciates annually by at least 7%. He's even given a nod to the NY Times Rent vs Buy calculator.

As far as this site, it is filled with non-politically correct realists. You may call them Nazi's but a majority of them are not going to jump on the Orweillian-like bandwagon in support of open borders and the fabricated- white liberal propaganda of paying $20 for a strawberry.
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AD says
You may call them Nazi

I don't call anyone Nazi unless they are literally, e.g. the guy who posted proudly as "a national socialist" in defense of Hitler. There were a few similar users, e.g. rootvg, Clambo, TheOriginalBankster, and RealEstateIsBetterThanStocks.

AD says
a good investor

@iwog was a good investor. QE and ZIRP and other programs created an extraordinary opportunity for leveraged buyers of real estate, e.g. iwog and Donald Trump. Many made fortunes, e.g. iwog made millions investing in both real estate and stocks. He wasn't a perma-bull, either; he watched closely and traded based on evidence that anyone could see but most didn't.

As far as I can tell, Patrick has got market rate returns on stocks, nothing great. Statistically, the people who bought houses when and where iwog told them to buy did much better than the people who listened to Patrick. ROI for most SF house buyers outperformed the S&P 500 by a wide margin.
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mentally ill fags should not be coming near children. that shit is sick, those people are fucked up, and are an abomination. Certainly away from schools and classrooms. They want to feel normal? Then fucking be normal. Fucking lgbtetc... pedophiles.
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Heartiste is right about SOME things, though his blaming of Muslims on "Jewish and Catholic Charities" is absurd because Lutheran Social Services (specifically and extensively in the 90s with the Somalians moving to St. Paul) and in other times and places Episcopalians and other Leftist/Mainline Protestant Churches have been strongly involved in the Multicult.

curious2 says
Of course, they want exclusive control of "education," but they want everyone's taxes to pay for the schools. That is the same as @Patrick with his new agenda to limit schools to what he calls "traditional" education. (Again, if we're talking Spartan tradition, then that's a conversation worth having. Perhaps AF can teach an elementary course in survival skills, to prepare the little ones for cannibal anarchy. "Tommy Guns For Tykes.")

I think we're talking about Memorizing Math Tables, Phonics, the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, Expository Writing, possibly some Greek or Latin.

Versus the one we have today that is Ostensibly about Science, but actually is more interested in feeding Akube Muchebe "White People Have Kept Congo Down for 70 Years after Independence" and "World is going to flood into non-existence in 20 years" and "20 Different Things you can shove in your Rectum, 2nd Graders". Also the cultural oppression stuff is more exciting for Teachers than having to explain the same concept in Algebra or Grammar 5 different way: Instead of grinding away at different explanations for Larry and Laura, she is instead of the Vanguard of a Great Social Awakening.

And "Group Work" is a a great example of Constrained vs. Unconstrained Visions. In the perfect solution word, kids will work together to get an answer. This sometimes happens in the Real World if a team in under pressure and/or selected carefully by a higher authority (ie a team assembled for a purpose by a manager). But what usually happens is 1-2 do all the work, another 1-2 kinda understand, and 1-2 are just along for the ride, freeloading or totally clueless. In traditional education, individual scores are what matters so at least failing students can be identified far faster than when they are 'hiding' in a group.

I don't think homosexuals are the problem, since they've always been around. Trans is more complex, but the purpose of pushing sexual minorities is more to find victims for the Intersectionality grist mill. The Hard Left used to blame Homosexuality on Bourgeois Decadence.

I'm sorry you're going.
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BTW, I find this:

More concerning than Gays, Trans, Furries, or whatever.
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Tarantula says
How much time do you spend on the Internet searching lesbian and dildo content?

Yes, Miley Cyrus with a dildo took hours and hours of searching to find. I bet most people never heard of it.

Please, try to troll better.
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Tarantula says
OK. How's this, dildo boi?

Not the city people and the secular humanists, oh noes, weak troll.
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Tarantula says
OK. How's this, dildo boi?

How about " if it weren't for the smug white liberals, rampant homeless and drug problems in public view, high taxes, traffic and congestion, dysfunctional government services, major crime, over-run schools with ESL learners, etc." ?

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