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Girl goes to Jail for practicing Liberal Medicine without a license.

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Texas girl, 17, stabs newborn to death minutes after giving birth, police say

A 17-year-old Texas girl repeatedly stabbed her newborn just minutes after it was born then dumped the body at a neighbor’s home and went to sleep, police said.

Erica Gomez of El Paso faces capital murder charges for the Feb. 9 killing.

“I cannot understand what she was thinking or feeling,” said Erica Martinez, who told KFOX she was Gomez’s confirmation teacher.

According to court documents, Gomez admitted to giving birth in her bathroom, wrapping the baby in a bathrobe, and putting it in a shed at her neighbor’s house. She then went back inside her home and fell asleep.
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that's just evil.
In CA she'd probably get a medal from feminists and other leftists.
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What a horrible mother.

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