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Black Victimized Liberalsm are the best Blacks, they call themselves the Nword so you don't have to.

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Arizona reporter Cameron Ridle was caught on a hot mic in a Facebook live video as he walked to the scene of a Pro-Trump rally outside Perry High School in Gilbert, Arizona — whose principal and staff allegedly punished students for bringing MAGA gear to school — discussing with another man the possibility of Trump supporters calling him the “N-word.”
Ridle and another individual approached the Trump supporters last week to cover a story for AZFamily about a protest taking place in front of Perry High School after the school had reportedly punished students for wearing “MAGA” clothing and bringing a MAGA flag to school for “USA Day.”

Trump supporters and other concerned members of the local community gathered in front of the high school to protest the treatment of the conservative students, whose “political signage” caused “concern for student safety,” according to the school’s principal.

Ridle, who is also a reporter for 3TV’s Good Morning Arizona and CBS 5 This Morning according to AZFamily, can be heard talking and laughing with another man as they approached the protest, likely unaware that a Facebook live video had already begun recording, capturing the audio from part of their conversation.

The video appears to have since been removed from AZFamily’s Facebook page, but the hot mic portion of the video was copied and later uploaded to social media.
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