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Covington Catholic teen sues CNN for $275 million for falsely attacking, vilifying and bullying him to push an anti-Trump agenda

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The Covington Catholic teenager who was vilified over a viral clip of a face-off with a Native American activist has sued CNN for $275million over its coverage of the incident.

Attorneys for 16-year-old Nicholas Sandmann filed the federal lawsuit on Tuesday in the Eastern District of Kentucky, seeking $75million in compensatory and $200million in punitive damages.

Sandmann was widely portrayed as a racist over a January 18 video clip of him wearing a Make America Great Again hat and standing face-to-face with Nathan Phillips, who claimed he'd been surrounded and abused by the group of Catholic teens who were on a school trip.

Extensive video told a very different story, however, indicating that the teens had been abused with racist and homophobic slurs by a group of Black Hebrew Israelites, before Phillips waded into the middle of the school group with his drum.

Good for him. I hope the legal system works. CNN should pay.
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I hope he breaks the damned Leftist media and hurts their oligarch owners substantially. I want jury decisions and establishment of precedents, not quiet settlements. Let the show go on! MAGA boy is gon’ Be rich!

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