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AG Barr Has Until March 15 to Disclose Information on Andrew Weissmann and Zainad Ahmad’s Conflicts on Special Counsel.

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Seems like Trump is listening.

Since the first of the year on Breitbart, The Daily Caller and here as well. I've made it known I'm giving Trump until March 15th, or it will be too late for him to prevent being ousted by either a coup or rigged election. I demanded he put up his dukes and fight not just for him but his supporters. This infuriated the Never Trampers and Liberal LARPS on every comment I posted this message in. I would get savaged by folks pretending to be die hard Trump supporters. But they weren't debating me pragmatic, they were just calling me names, and trying to silence me. I wasn't being like Ann Coulter who we all know never once said she supported Trump. The MSM just assumed she did when she said Trump had the best shot at being the next president of the United States. She was trying to say that in a call to arms, cause for alarm reality. But the low brow ignorant bottom feeders Bill Mahr gets on his show weren't sophisticated enough to realize that. And are only programed to attack and ridicule and shut down. Much like the commenters were when I called caution to Trump and said I was giving up on his ability to drain the swamp. As time would be running out. I was going to call for Mark Warner, Tim Meaddows, Tom Fitton, and Devan Nunez and the like Primary Trump in 2020. That scared the fuck out of them.

Turns out they were listening and I was right. Expect all H E double hockey Sticks to break lose tomorrow kids. It aint gonna be pretty going into the weekend.

Rep. Devin Nunes: So Weissmann is the number two, he’s Mueller’s deputy. He was involved in the custody of the dossiers. In early 20016 he was given the dossier. He is someone, along with the other one mentioned there, both DOJ people, both on the Mueller team. They shouldn’t be involved in this investigation… There’s clear regulations the DOJ has. You can’t be conflicted. Look did they disclose before Mueller picked them that they were involved in the custody of the dossier?… We know these two individuals were involved in the custody of important evidence, dirt from the Clinton campaign that is the basis for the entire hoax…

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