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Southern Death Cult and the inability to Assimilate

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Once upon a time, there was a new wave band called Southern Death Cult.

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The singer, Ian Astbury would go on to reform and rebrand the band, The Cult, known for their greatest hit:

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Haq Nawaz Qureshi was the drummer in the Original Southern Death Cult. His mother was active with Benazir Bhutto's People's Party, whose father engineered the Genocide of Bangladesh. After a briefly trying to continue under a new name without Ian Astley, Qureshi opened a Management Company for musicians, heavily recruiting "World Music" but with a twist: Only groups with an Anti-British, Anti-Western message.

Then he formed his own Group, Fun-Da-Mental, with himself as the core member, and Qureshi changed his name to Aki "Propa-Gandhi" Nawaz.

"Propa-Gandhi" believed "It's the white folks who need to rebel against their own ignorance – racism is their problem, economic terrorism is their problem, pollution is their problem – everything that is going wrong they have a hand in, they have an influence in – with all that is wrong in the world they are lucky to be dominating"

His Music included Callypso Louie, Malcolm X, and Black Panther quotes, as well as instructions to forgo all alcohol and be a pious Muslim, which he also recommended to the "Afro-Caribbean" Community. Of course the bands very name is a hat tip to Fundamentalism.

Songs included "Bin Che", a song celebrating the connections between Islamists and Marxists, and encouraging the Left-Islamist alliance.

Fun-da-mental also inspired "Dirty Kuffar"

Which of course steals a beat from non-Muslim Bronx "Artist", Lumidee (with her off-key singing).

In Britain and all Western countries, East Asians, Jamaicans, Guyanans, non-Muslim Africans and South Asians are rapidly assimilated, often in the 1st and almost always by the 2nd Generation. Only one Group is immune - and not only immune, but both 1st and 2nd Generation immigrants become more religious and anti-Western.

"I am a soldier named Alaha, so put down the cross and pick up the X"

Even being in a New Wave band is no innoculation from Islamic Fundamentalism.
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Lest we not forget:

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