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Donald Trump just claimed he invented 'fake news'

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Necessity is the mother of invention

It's not entirely clear from the quote above whether Trump is claiming that he invented the word "fake" or just that he was the first person to use the phrase "fake news."
Either way, he's wrong.
The word "fake" originates in the early 19th century. "'Fake,' in the sense of something being bogus or counterfeit, apparently began life a little over 200 years ago among the 'flash' language used by criminals in 18th- and 19th-century England," according to this totally-fascinating Mental Floss piece in March 2017.
Trump is on slightly stronger footing if he is claiming that he popularized the term "fake news." But he isn't really saying that. He's saying he came up with it. Which he didn't.
"Fake news appears to have begun seeing general use at the end of the 19th century," according to Merriam Webster -- citing several references to "fake news" in newspapers in 1890 and 1891.


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Another idiot I met seriously said he invented the saying “piece of ass.”

He say like one day I was thinking it would sure be good to get some nice ass. Yeah, like a piece. Yeah that’s it, A PIECE OF ASS! Wow that really sounds cool. I just made that up too.

Damn, that’s good!

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