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Trump and his supporters have ruined everything!

By Tenpoundbass following x   2019 May 12, 7:55pm 195 views   0 comments   watch   nsfw   quote     share    

The Socialists, Anarchists, Deviants, Pedophiles and Unlawful Impunity made such a headway in this country. They were this close to open lawlessness and dragging the decent people down with the burden of working to support their drug habits while they don't work and suck on the welfare system. They were importing every psycho they could find from other countries just to give Americans mental wedgies and to fuck with them hard. Because Fuck America, Fuck Americans Fuck White People and Fuck Trump.
Then he came along and ruined that Jive Ass Mother Fucker Obama's legacy. Obama was going out fist bumping and back slapping into a 500 million dollar Presidential Library boondoggle. And now he wont even get THAT!

Make America Great Again, was a threat to these people from the get go. Because this is exactly what they had in mind for America. Now they play silly and aloof and say America was never Great!

America was great again the minute that Shit Stain Obama left office. I'm proud as hell my vote helped Ruin every Fucking Thing for you people!
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