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This is why the French company AĆ©rospatiale decided a while back not to sell the single engine Trinidad and Tobago general aviation planes in the USA. After seeing how Cessna got sued for pilot errors, AĆ©rospatiale decided the US market was not worth the risk. Frivolous lawsuits is what killed the general aviation industry in America. In the 70s, any old Joe could afford a Cessna 150 and every rural county has a local airfield loaded with Cessnas. Pipers, and even a few Beechcraft and Mooneys. Lawsuits ruined that.
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The perfect legal result: jury nullification of science in order to make huge legal lottery awards based purely on emotion. The prevailing victim mentality poison is writ large.

Just means we will be seeing more of our society, medicine, communities and business crippled by money hungry class action wolves destroying any semblance of free enterprise. Lawyers and a few token clients will be living in mansions in a sea of ashes where the rest of us crawl around.

"Thank you, God, for creating the most dumb ass, entitled, greed hypnotized juries on the planet in California! Free Shit works!"
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I assume this will be appealed. Otherwise, this will open the floodgate of copy-cat lawsuits.
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This is what will ruin the Grand Utopia that SDC Worshippers keep insisting is coming. There is no way the tort system is going to allow trucking companies to operate trucks without human oversight. The first time an accident occurs the argument will be "my client was killed because the greedy trucking company was too cheap to have a driver in the can." The fact that overall accidents are reduced will not matter to juries. All that will matter is this case where a driver could have prevented the accident. The damage awards would be astronomical. And if you have a driver in the truck, there is no point in it being self driving. Ditto for cars. Only they big $$$ lawsuits will be hit the car manufacturers.

"But states will pass laws limiting this; indemnifying SDC manufacturers from such tort lawsuits" <-- right, like they passed statutes on labor law that the courts have overruled so much that the difference between what is actually practiced labor law vs statutory labor law is so wide as to make a joke of the statutory labor law? And remember the backlash Arizona politicians got when that lady was killed by the SDC test car at night?

But telling them this is like telling a Shrillary supporter that Trump actually won the 2016 election: they are so steeped in denial that they just ignore overwhelming evidence of what is going on even when point blank shown/told about it to their face.
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What a joke and total waste of time this place is becoming.
So I posted a pov from the other side from Monanto/Bayer, with supporting link and credible sources.
My post is wiped - what a cowardly thing to do, for allowing this in a "free to offend" host.

Carry-on with circle jerk in cozy echo chamber, I'm done.
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kt1652 says
Carry-on with circle jerk in cozy echo chamber, I'm done.

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