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It's Dog Eat Dog in Florida Real Estate Auctions these days.

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1 foot by 100 strip of land, 1 of 30 units in Condo Building that burned down. He thought he was getting the lot the Building once stood on.
Interesting read on, what happens when you scrape the bottom of the Auction barrel and think you've scored.


Kerville Holness thought he’d done a great job snapping up a $177,000 Tamarac villa for only $9,100.

But that’s not what he actually bought during a Broward online auction of properties that had defaulted on their taxes.

He got a 1-foot-wide, 100-foot-long strip of land on Northwest 100th Way — valued at $50.

It starts at the curb where two mailboxes have been installed, goes under the wall separating the garages of two adjoining Spring Lake villas, then extends out to the back of the lot.

And officials say he’s stuck with the deal.
In the March auction, he paid $6,100 for a vacant Lauderhill parcel that he saw as having development potential. But the land he bought was for one of 30 condo units that used to be on the property. Rutherford said the building was demolished after a fire nine years ago. If the association ever sells the property, he could see some return, but he has no control over that.
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Don’t they have assessors maps down there?

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